A great house in Grantham.

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Belton house is a belter of a National Trust property offering something for everyone. Not only does it have one of the finest examples of Carolean architecture it also has a playpark, formal gardens, avenues for nice long walks and an amazing lawn that the National Trust now let you play games on. It’s a fair bit of work to keep up so you can imagine that the gardeners are on the internet getting Mountfield Parts 24/7.

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The house was built in 1685 and finished in 1688 which is a pretty good build rate for the time. For once the people who wanted it built got to live in it for a while. The owner, Brownlow, went for a “modest” look modelled on Clarendon House in London. Not for him all that fancy italianate ostentation. One thing they were clear on is that they did not want some great hall as there had been in the past. The servants would have their own quarters and not sit and eat with the owners. This approach soon caught on with the other members of the aristocracy.

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As with most stately homes the upkeep of the place became too much for one family to bear and as a result they gifted it to the National Trust in 1984.

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