A look at British manufacturing statistics

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Britain is where the industrial revolution started, but chaos surrounding Brexit has led many pundits to claim that our manufacturing industry is in decline. Is this really the case?

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Britain’s manufacturing industry is thriving

In fact, British manufacturing is enjoying something of a boom. We are still considered to be world-leaders when it comes to high-tech industries, such as aerospace, and statistics show that well over 2.5 million people are currently employed within the manufacturing sector.

According to the BBC, the manufacturing output of the UK has been growing steadily over the past few months and is currently expanding at a faster rate than for more than a decade. This is thought to be in large part down to an interest in renewable energy, although export orders for cars, planes and boats have helped to boost output.

Whatever the naysayers might believe, the UK manufacturing industry is far from being in crisis. The UK is currently in eighth position when it comes to industrial nations, although it is expected to rise as high as fifth within the next two years if current growth patterns are maintained.

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The credit crunch of 2008 certainly created a dip in manufacturing output; however, whether helicopter parts or spray booth filters, the industry is currently experiencing an upturn. In addition to the people employed within the sector, UK manufacturing accounts for around 70 per cent of business research and development and makes up just under 45 per cent of total exports.

While manufacturing has become smaller relative to the service sector, output from the UK’s manufacturing sector has increased by a steady 1.4 per cent per year since 1948. While it might surprise some, manufacturing still accounts for 44 per cent of total UK exports.

New technology heralds a new manufacturing era

Advances in technology are being classed as the ‘fourth industrial revolution’, which is helping to further the advancement of the UK manufacturing industry. New technologies, including AI and automation, are boosting productivity and helping to streamline production processes; in turn, this enables businesses to respond even faster to emerging trends, whether they are manufacturing aircraft parts or producing spray booth filters.

Emerging technologies are creating new opportunities for employees, with an emphasis on sourcing highly-skilled STEM employees with a good understanding of the modern initiatives that will drive manufacturing forward.


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