A new app will help to manage the costs of clinical trials

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One of the most expensive aspects of clinical trials is the need to make appointments to see patients in order to collect patient data. The trial organisers also have to send out reminders and track whether patients have attended appointments. Now, a mobile app has been created that will enable those running clinical trials to track how patients are doing without the need for numerous, expensive face-to-face appointments. The app can even gather some data remotely.

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Difficulty of retaining patients in studies

Trials can last for varying periods, from several years to a single day. Clearly, some trials make much greater demands on patients than others. It is important to find out what will be required of you when you sign up to Paid Medical Trials like the ones available from trials4us so you can ensure that the trial is appropriate for you.For patients, the continuing involvement in the trial can depend on how easy the trial centre is to get to, how many visits are required, whether time off work needs to be organised, and how much time the study involves. For example, filling in a record sheet every day is often enough to stop patients continuing their involvement in a study. Younger people are particularly difficult to keep in a study, but they are the group most likely to use an app.

The app is called Clinical Studio and it won the Technology Innovation Award in 2016, at the annual conference of the Society for Clinical Data Management. The 1,000th study has now been created on the Clinical Studio platform.

So this app is an important development for some groups that find it hard to persevere with involvement in clinical trials clinical trials.

Patients can use the app on iPhone and Android mobiles, but also on wearable technology such as the Apple Watch. Together, these access modes have helped clinical trials using the platform to hugely increase patient participation levels.

Open, no-cost platform

Clinical Studio is free of charge for academics and individual clinical researchers. They can use the platform to build a study and manage it. This makes the whole process far less costly than traditional methods of providing clinical trial services. As CLSDS only provides technology and doesn’t provide clinical trial services, they can pass any savings on to their clients.

The company claims that they can streamline processes and greatly reduce the duration of clinical studies. However, we’re some way off the point where clinical trials can be run on a mobile.

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