A taste of Irish culture

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The friendliness of the Irish people is a much-deserved reputation and not a myth. It is quite normal to be welcomed by an Irish person with a friendly smile and a genuine interest in your visit. You almost always find arms outstretched with welcome greetings as you travel around and get to know Ireland. Here is a little information about the kind of culture you can expect to find:

The Pub

Without a doubt, pubs are the main place to socialize in Ireland especially in small cities (which are numerous in Ireland). When you visit a pub, you can have a drink, grab something local and delicious to eat, listen to live music, dance and sing. Food in the pub, known as pub grub is generally excellent and the prices are reasonable. This is a great place for meetings and conversations. The young and not so young enjoy the relaxed atmosphere in the Irish pub. They are generally comfortable and friendly places with an official closing time of midnight!


Article 8 of the Irish Constitution states that the national language of the country is Gaelic but is only used as the first language by a small number of people, especially in the Gaeltacht region determined by the government in that country. You’ll find these regions in the West of Ireland, so come and experience it with Irish Airports like https://irelandwestairport.com/

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Although considered the official language of both countries, English is the most commonly used language. Although the government is trying to revive interest in Irish, less than 5% of the population uses it every day and a small percentage of people speak Irish as a second language. Gaelic is mandatory in Irish schools and there is currently a renewed interest in the language.

St. Patrick’s Day

National holidays in Ireland are March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day. This yearly celebration is enjoyed with parades and celebrations in major cities in Ireland and is also celebrated by the Irish communities all over the world. St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and he is believed to teach the Irish the concept of the Trinity, by showing the shamrocks and using them to describe Christian beliefs about ‘three divine persons in one God’. The shamrock is one of Ireland’s national symbols and is proudly worn on March 17.

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The Leprechaun is a naughty character in Irish mythology. Described as a tiny man, a leprechaun is a type of fairy who wears emerald green clothes with a small hat on his head. He is said to be very rich, with a golden pot hidden at the end of the rainbow. However, he is also very cunning and every time he is captured by humans, has the magical power to grant three requests in return for being released. It is said that when caught, a leprechaun will say something to distract the kidnapper and, as soon as he catches them off guard, will soon disappear, so no one has ever found a pot of gold!

No visit to Ireland is complete without buying leprechaun souvenirs to bring home yourself!


Ireland’s climate is an oceanic one climate, especially influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. As a result, Ireland enjoys temperate weather without the extreme temperatures experienced by many other countries at the same latitude. The climate is generally wet, which explains the dominant green colour of the landscape and the country being called the ‘Emerald Isle’.

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