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Tourism Malaysia is the national tourism organization (NTO) responsible for promoting Malaysia as a tourist destination.  For more information click here.





Established in 2008 by Decree No. 18/ 2008, issued by HH Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister of UAE, Minister of Presidential Affairs and as amended by Decree No. 7/2012 issued by Deputy Prime Minister of UAE, Minister of Presidential Affairs, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center (SZGMC) aims at:


• Collecting and documenting the noble deeds and contributions of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s.


• Organizing conferences and seminars in which it participates with other religious and cultural institutions.


• Supporting printing out and translation of the Holy Quran in addition to audio and visual books, research works, and literatures.


• Activating the mosque’s role in servicing the society as a gatherer mosque.


• Communication with governmental institutions and authorities.


• Introducing SZGMC as a masterpiece of Islamic architecture.


The Leader and Founder The Grand Mosque carries the name of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (May Allah rest his soul), the Founder of UAE, whose memory is still alive in the hearts of UAE people. His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan possessed a genuine desire to establish a grand mosque to act as a world leading center to support communication among all world diverse cultures.


Through the activities provided to both worshippers and visitors, along with its unique architectural impressions, masterpiece, the Grand Mosque has become a beacon of light spreading tolerance, peace and coexistence. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the largest and the official UAE mosque and one of the most prominent and beautiful architectural monuments in the world, is built on plot of approximately 9 meters higher to the ground level, located in Abu Dhabi’s entrance, which makes it visible to the residents of the area and the surrounding areas, in addition to the easy access thereof. Millions visit the Mosque every year.


SZGMC VISION To be a global pioneer in highlighting the tolerant Islamic culture and enhancing cross-cultural communication.


SZGMC MISSION Develop the center as a religious observance destination and a place to highlight the humanitarian virtues of the late Sheikh Zayed as well as to consolidate coexistence between nations through innovative services, religious, cultural and social programs and activities.



• Excellence

• Tolerance

• Communication

• Volunteering

• Moderation



For more information – click here.



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Etihad Airways was established by Royal (Amiri) Decree in July 2003. It commenced operations in November 2003 and has developed into one of the fastest growing airlines in the history of commercial aviation.


The airline seeks to reflect the best of Arabian hospitality – cultured, considerate, warm and generous – as well as enhance the prestige of Abu Dhabi as a centre of hospitality between East and West. Our goal is to be a truly 21st century, global airline, challenging and changing the established conventions of airline hospitality.


Every year, we receive a range of awards that reflect our position as one of the world’s leading premium airline brands.  Browse through our Factsheets & Annual Reports for the complete list.


We are committed to a strategy of collaborative growth in order to gain the scale we require to be competitive in the global air transport market. Beyond our organic growth, this is being achieved through the development of a strong base of codeshare partnerships, and minority investments in strategically important airlines, which combined, provide access to hundreds of destinations we do not serve with our own aircraft.  For more information – click here


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Emirates Palace offers you a magical place to enjoy the riches of the Arabian Gulf.

Going beyond 5-star luxury, we ensure you are treated to an experience that is tailored to your needs. From our luxurious rooms and suites, to our award-winning culinary cuisine, Emirates Palace provides an unrivalled personal experience the minute you drive through the gates.
Unprecedented luxury in the heart of Abu Dhabi, the Capital of the United Arab Emirates, is what Emirates Palace is all about. From our private beach, which stretches across 1.3km, to our very ownmarina overlooking a private natural bay, our hotel is the ultimate destination for guests. There are also two glorious swimming pools – one designed for adventure and one for relaxing – which you can enjoy in the privacy of the surrounding 85 hectares of beautifully landscaped gardens.
Emirates Palace is the essence of palatial yet traditional Arabic architecture. A site to behold, the Palace is truly one of the most inspiring hotels in Abu Dhabi with 114 breath-taking 18-meter-high domes, ornate hotel rooms and luxury suites decorated in gold and marble. Each of our 302 luxury rooms and 92 suites also offer the latest technology, along with service from a private butler catering to your every need, 24 hours a day.

To find out more – click here.



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R Hotels is a wholly owned private enterprise engaged in the ownership and operation of hotels.


R Hotels owns and operates hotels and service apartments in prime locations in the UAE.


Currently managing over a thousand keys, R Hotels is a diverse and fast growing company with a proven track record in guest satisfaction and asset utilization.


We are uniquely positioned to capitalize on the opportunities emerging from the fast expanding hospitality landscape.


The company’s objective is to achieve growth by developing a select number of new hotels and strategically acquiring existing assets to manage, wherever we believe we can make valuable operating results through proper market positioning, competitive physical facilities and appropriate franchise affiliations.  For more information – click here.



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Jannah Hotels was born and raised in the Liwa Desert of the United Arab Emirates.


Founded on the spirit of the Noble Bedouin Hospitality and pioneered with an infrastructure that is innovative, creative and dynamic, Jannah Hotels & Resorts has blossomed into the hotel management company of choice.


Offering leading proprietary technology and evolutionary programs, the company offers intelligent and efficient hotel management services, that are focused on ensuring properties managed under the Jannah Hotels & Resorts brand reach their operating potential in every aspect.  To find out more – click here.



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Shaza means fragrance.


A fragrance carried on the Eastern wind bearing news of an East revived. The East was a place where cultures and discoveries were traded, blended, shared. Discoveries such as pepper, saffron and yes, fragrance.


Shaza Hotels is a celebration of this Eastern world.


The old through new eyes.  To find out more – click here.





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The Sharjah Investment and Development Authority, also known as Shurooq, is the driving force behind the transformation of Sharjah.


Guided by our traditions and inspired by innovation, we are committed to enhancing Sharjah’s appeal as an investment, tourism, and business destination.


An independent government entity, we facilitate partnerships and connect investors, corporations, and entrepreneurs with the right opportunities.


To achieve its mission, Shurooq seeks to evaluate and follow-up on tourism, investment, and heritage-related infrastructure projects, participating in the comprehensive construction and development processes both within the emirate of Sharjah and in the UAE as a whole.


Shurooq values professionalism, and provides sound consultation resulting from study and experience.  To find out more – click here.



Turkish Hospitality Sponsor

Our goal:  “Vacation of your dreams.”

To realize your dreams with us, you are greeted with a comfort and service you expect over and the usual standards.

We welcome our esteemed guests, opening our doors to the Pearl of the Mediterranean and providing intimate and friendly service.


As the name “Adenya” suggests we offer you a “Paradise Garden” of peace, trust, comfort, and quality.

To find out more - click here.



Halal Resort Sponsor

Angels peninsula logo-01-01


Welcome to the most luxurious Hotel in the Aegean, providing the finest Turkish Hospitality with passion and commitment.


Angel’s Peninsula marks an experiential luxury, paying homage to the elegance of the breath-taking nature.



Should you have any queries or are keen to participate in World Halal Travel Summit & Exhibition 2015, contact the team.

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