Are DBS checks for all staff within a cricket club?

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Safeguarding is one of the top priorities when it comes to children and their involvement in different sports, so it’s important to know what can be done to ensure the safety of all concerned. Individual checks can be done to find out more about a person’s past which is why DBS checks are often a must.

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What is a DBS check and what does it show?

The Disclosure and Barring Service allows employers to assess the suitability of prospective employees by stating any convictions, cautions or warnings. Different levels of checks are available with a basic DBS check being the lowest disclosure level and revealing just any unspent convictions.

Who should you request a DBS for?

The DBS check is a great tool to find out who is suitable to work with children and those who are vulnerable. With many positions available in cricket, it can be hard to decide who needs to have a completed check before fulfilling their duties.

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The England and Wales Cricket Board has given advice on which positions require vetting. This includes the Coach, Welfare Officer, Umpire, Volunteer Co-ordinator, Scorer, Medical Support, Junior Supervisor, Junior Manager, Open-Age Team Captain and Age Group Manager. It is important to note that this guidance isn’t just for those with paid or lead roles, it includes any volunteer or assistant positions too. If there are other roles which you feel should be included in this list, you can check to see whether accessing someone’s criminal records would be appropriate.  Companies that come in once a week like a Gloucestershire Grounds Maintenance company will have insurance and won’t need a CRB from you but may all ready have their own. You will need to sign them into your book and give them an ID badge.  They could provide the club with much needed services however by just clicking links such as  like grass cutting, litter picking, landscaping and weed control.

How to obtain one

There are several websites, which allow you to apply for a DBS check. Think carefully about whether you need a simple check or if a standard or enhanced check would be more suitable. Potential employees may have completed a DBS check recently and may present their existing certificate to you. In order to do this, they must have registered themselves with the DBS update service which means they will not need to make any future applications.

The importance of a DBS check

When handling a completed DBS, it is important to remember that the safeguarding of children involved in cricket is paramount. Completing one when you feel it is absolutely necessary, ensures the safety of our children in line with the cricket Safe Hands children’s safeguarding policy.

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