Are Traditional Training Methods Working in the Modern Day Economy?

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Training has always been a way of keeping a company ahead of the competition and making recruitment and development of existing employees’ productivity more achievable.

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Despite the benefits offered by training, however, many employers find development plans for employees expensive. This is especially the case for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Another issue is that employees may miss work time during training sessions, and this has an impact on productivity. Larger companies, by comparison, may offer time off for training for certain employees where the training designed to help them do their job better.


Clearly, training must work for both the employer and the employee, and with traditional training schemes this can prove difficult.

Employers look at it as an investment, both in terms of the cost and the potential benefits of improving productivity. From an employee’s point of view the time spent on training can help with the challenges of their job and be an investment in the potential for promotion and improving their job prospects. The investment of time and money must benefit both sides.

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Training has also traditionally been a way of improving departmental performance as well as individual skills. This often means it is aimed at improving performance across the team, meaning each employee can take over another’s tasks in their absence. Such an approach can mean that improvement of individual weaknesses related to their current position can be overlooked.

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This analysis of the individual worker’s progress within the company is key, and traditional training for a newcomer is often overlooked. The approach of “sitting next to Nellie” and learning on the job is still the preferred option in many companies. This is fine if the employee tasked with teaching a newcomer is a good communicator, but less efficient if they are not.

Online training resource for business is coming to the fore to help SMEs replace traditional methods and is increasingly attractive to employers and employees. This can also include the use of a Motivational Speaker as a part of the videos who can inspire your staff to achieve their best. If you are looking for a motivational speaker to come in person to your workplace or speak as a part of a work conference the Adventureman Motivational Speaker is a great option for you.

Such a structured programme ensures consistency of experience for employees and similar benefits for the company. This consistency will also impact upon the firm’s policies and procedures.

This kind of training can also be undertaken by experienced members of the workforce, again providing stability across the workforce and being cost-effective.

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