Buoyant catering recruitment market set to continue

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2015 was a strong year for the catering industry, with a high level of recruitment seen across all areas. This year looks set to continue the trend, with a good start to the year and strong forecasts for recruitment over the next 12 months. There has been an upturn in casual dining and an increase in the demand for artisan catering as shoppers turn back to the high street, and the recruitment drive looks set to continue in the food and drink industry for the rest of 2019

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The increase in demand for new staff in the catering industry has led to the market being candidate driven, which means that jobs need to be increasingly attractive to lure good candidates away from their current roles. There is a particular demand for project managers and sales managers within the catering industry, with pay demands increasing.

Fast-turnaround gourmet food

The resulting staffing crisis means that people may soon have to become used to a new type of restaurant experience, as fine dining is increasingly being replaced by low-cost, fast-turnaround gourmet food. An article in the Guardian examines the changes being driven by a shortage of trained chefs in the catering industry.

14,000 new jobs over next five years

Such is the demand for new recruits in the food industry that reports suggest that this growing sector could create 14,000 new jobs over the next five years. This is due to businesses expecting to expand and create more roles; however, it is not only new recruits that are needed as the catering industry experiences a boom. Organisations may have to compete to attract the best candidates and new ways of recruiting staff have already begun with many larger companies holding large scale recruitment events that they have the help of an Events Agency Dublin business such as https://davisevents.ie, where they can showcase their business and interview potential applicants all in one day.

Increase in craft breweries

One reason for the increase in recruitment in the catering industry is the change in consumer behaviour. More people are turning to the high street for their shopping, which has created a large demand for more coffee shops, artisan bakeries, delis and pubs, and many new craft breweries have set up to supply the demand for local beers and ales. These service providers all need staff to fill their new roles; therefore, recruitment is on the up and is likely to continue to increase for the foreseeable future.

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