F1’s popularity enhance with qualifying races

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Grid position in an F1 race is currently decided by each driver completing a series of timed laps. However, the current Managing Director of Motorsport is proposing this is changed to a qualifying race instead to try and improve the sport’s popularity. This change is part of a number of proposals being suggested for the 2021 season.

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Why a qualifying race?

It has been suggested that the current system of timed laps on the Saturday before the big race isn’t as entertaining for spectators or challenging for the drivers. It often leads to the same drivers being at the top of the grid time after time.

There are clearly a lot of stakeholders who will have an opinion about the proposed changes, from drivers and team managers to sponsors. However, if the changes do increase the popularity of the sport, most involved will benefit from increased revenues.
While it’s clear that an extra race on a Saturday will have an impact on teams, mechanics, vehicles and drivers, it is believed that it will entice more spectators and supporters to buy tickets and come along to watch a race.  With an extra day being added they and more people expected to come along they made need more parking options on site so they could look at getting a Bespoke Oak Carport installed on a side field for overflow parking.  To see what options there are just pop over to sites like https://www.bespoaktimberframes.co.uk/portfolio_page/oak-carport/
According to F1, there are other changes proposed for the 2021 season; the amended regulations should be decided by the start of June.

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These other changes include increasing the fuel allowance so that drivers can drive a full tilt for the duration of the race. It has also proposed that the car and driver are weighed independently so that heavier drivers aren’t at a disadvantage. The final proposed change is to add a further element of safety for drivers, particularly if they need medical assistance, and that’s the introduction of biometric gloves that will provide medical teams with a driver’s vital statistics.

Watching F1 live

If motorsport is your passion, there can be nothing better than watching an F1 race live. The Ermanno Palace at Monaco offers guests the chance to experience VIP treatment with a perfect view of the start line and first corner of this notoriously challenging street circuit. Companies provide inclusive packages at many F1 races.

The face of F1 races may be set to change in the coming years, but these changes can only make the races even more exciting for spectators and supporters

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