Food Hygiene Tips for Businesses

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Food hygiene is an important issue for people both experienced and just starting out in the catering industry. And with savvy customers increasingly aware of the standards businesses should adhere to, it has never been more vital to ensure good practice is in place at all times.

Keep It Clean

Establishments need to be inspection-ready at all times, and one way to do this is to ensure all personnel are aware of what is expected of them.

All staff should get into the habit of cleaning and clearing work surfaces as they go, rather than allowing mess to build up throughout the day, and they should also be aware of which products to use for each problem. In addition to this, all staff should wash their hands when entering and leaving the food preparation area in order to keep standards high.

Get the Right Equipment

With customers more and more aware of a company’s food hygiene standards, businesses must make sure they have the correct tools to do the job well.

Investing in a range of chopping boards and knives which are allocated to different food stuffs can prevent a major danger of food preparation: cross-contamination. Away from food preparation itself, using separate sponges, cloths and mops for cleaning different areas can also prevent the potential spread of harmful bacteria.

Food Storage

Looking after all food products and storing them in the correct type of commercial refrigeration can really make a difference when it comes to effective food hygiene.

When you are preparing food, it is important that chilled products are not kept out of the fridge for a prolonged amount of time, and keeping a close eye on sell-by and use-by dates is vital too.

Careful Cooking

Lastly, anyone preparing food should be aware of the importance of cooking items correctly. This is especially important when it comes to certain types of meat that must be cooked through perfectly in order to prevent bacteria affecting the customers.

Following these rules and keeping standards high can lead to happy customers, knowledgeable staff and an all-important good reputation.

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