How to clean your floor once the Halloween decorations are all up

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With Halloween just around the corner, many of us will have already begun putting up our pumpkins and decorations. With pine needles and dusty decorations that have spent all year in the loft, it is unsurprising that these trimmings come with a trail of dust and debris that is far from festive.

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Halloween comes early

According to a report in the Mail, Halloween is coming earlier each year, with the average person starting to think about their costume plans in mid-August!

While you are busy preparing for trick or treating, it may also be wise to stock up on some essential household cleaning products to ensure your home is ready for all those people that knock on your door.

Tiled, hardwood and stone flooring all have the potential to show up dust and debris more than carpeted flooring; therefore, you are likely to find there will recommend using specialist products to leave your floors bright and sparkling after you have set up your decorations.

Stone and tiles

A specialist tile and floor cleaner that uses a natural ‘bioprotect‘ formula to clean and protect stone and tiled flooring with a stain resistant, protective layer is recommended. Also suitable for use on granite, marble, slate and ceramic flooring, this product is ideal for revitalising flooring and protecting it against scratches and stains. This can be particularly useful when hauling your halloween decs across the floor.  There are companies out there using products like these all the time, such as a office cleaning Gloucester business, so if you need to ask for advice contact them or if you need to call them in to clean your work place for you at sites like

Hardwood and parquet

Hardwood and parquet floor cleaner should also offer cleaning and protective qualities. As this type of flooring requires regular maintenance and is prone to scratches, taking precautions is essential to keep it in tip-top condition for as long as possible. Not only do such products clean abrasive grime from the surface of the flooring but also they protect the joints and hinges.

Always read the instructions

These products need to be used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It is usually recommended that a small amount is tested on an inconspicuous area of the floor prior to full use. Many products are designed to be diluted, so always follow the recommended measurements.

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