How to Keep Your Spray Booth Looking New

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Keeping your spray booth looking like new is a great way to extend its lifespan. But a good-as-new spray booth also impacts positively on safety and the quality of your products.

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Here are five top tips for keeping your spray booth looking and performing like new.

Maintain and Replace Filters

Filters are your first line of defence when it comes to reducing the risk of contamination and stopping hazardous chemicals escaping from the booth. Push your filters beyond their proper lifespan and you risk surface contamination and over spray while endangering the health of booth operatives.

Regular inspection and maintenance of your filters and your air make-up unit will help to create a safe and clean environment.

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Set a Cleaning Schedule

The frequency of cleaning your booth will depend on the design of the booth itself, the frequency of usage and the types of jobs you perform. Analyse your specific work practices so you can set up an effective cleaning rota, even if you only need to clean down once or twice a week.

Clean Clothing and Equipment

Next give any protective clothing and equipment a good clean and ensure that workwear is kept in a designated clean area to reduce contamination risk. Provide mats at the entrance to the booth so there’s no risk of mud entering on employee’s shoes.

All nozzles, hoses and protective garments should be cleaned regularly. Check with your silicone hose manufacturer that any hose is rated for use in a spray booth to avoid contamination – a good silicone hose manufacturer will be happy to help.

Practise Clean Booth Hygiene

Once you’ve got your booth looking as good as new, you’ll want to maintain that level of cleanliness. Ensure your employees are trained in best practice and that no extraneous equipment or extra employees enter the booth without good reason.

Use a Disposable Coating

Rather than having to physically clean the booth, coating chemicals can be applied that make clean-up a breeze. These are either sprayed or painted on to the surface of the booth and dry to a thin film which can either be peeled away or dissolved with water. You could also consider installing a physical barrier on the walls and floor to catch over spray and other contaminants.

Follow these five steps and you’ll enjoy clean room conditions every time.

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