In Which Direction Should Your Floorboards Be Laid?

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There are a number of ways in which you can lay floorboards in a room. Wooden floors can increase the value of your property and if you are looking to sell your home a Gloucester Estate Agents such as will be able to advise on the best way to make the most of your flooring.

Generally speaking when putting down flooring, laying the boards in the same direction as the main light source – be that from a lamp, window or glass door – will have a positive impact on both the room’s appearance and feel. This will of course depend on a number of factors including the amount of natural light that enters your room and the colouring of the flooring that you have chosen. Lighter flooring is often better for those rooms that tend to be natural dark during the day, but you may wish to choose a more neutral coloured floor for areas such as bathrooms and kitchens as this colour wood tends to stain less than those of a very light colour and those dark in colour tend to show up scratches much more than their lighter equivalents. Again if you are struggling on the colour to choose before you market your property you should seek advice from your chosen estate agents.

Read the following top tips to ensure you get it right.

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A Short Room

To encourage a feeling and an appearance of depth in a short room, think about installing the boards vertically. And to increase the impact of long wide plank flooring, consider using a light floor colour and combining this with darker walls or perhaps one feature wall to draw the length of the room out further.

A Narrow Room

A good tip when laying floorboards in a narrow room is to lay them horizontally. This makes the surface area look wider. It’s also advisable to choose lighter-coloured boards – and the same goes for the walls – to open up the space. Indeed, according to Quick Step Floor Designs, choosing the right floor colouring is essential when designing a room.

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A Small Room

To create that wow factor in a small room, think about installing diagonal flooring as part of your interior design using natural wood. And remember that light flooring gives the illusion of space and darker flooring a dramatic ambience. There are lots of options when it comes to floorboards.

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