Men’s accessorising trends for 2019

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When it comes to good fashion sense, the devil is often in the detail.

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Accessorising is a great way to give outfits that final tweak. It can enhance and offer versatility to a range of outfits in your wardrobe. And with GQ showingcasing top trends, there’s plenty of scope to showcase your personality too.

With that in mind, what are the top accessorising trends for men this year?

The Smartwatch

The Smartwatch is nothing new. Technology has been evolving for many years to the point that we can now read the news and track our fitness all from a nifty wristband. But Smartwatches themselves have changed from the somewhat cumbersome devices they once were into sleek and stylish items of ‘wrist candy’ that are accessories in their own right – not to mention highly functional and useful for everyday activities. If you plan on investing in a Smartwatch this year then consider what style best represents you and will match with your wardrobe. Factors such as face design, strap, and colour should all come into play here.

Stylish sneaks

There has been a definite shift in the way athletic wear is viewed in recent years. Once upon a time tracksuits and trainers were gym-wear only. But these days designer sneaks are a form of high fashion, perfect for the street, the office and even the club if they’re teamed with smart Farah shirts ( While some believe that good sneakers have to come with a hefty price tag from well-known brands, the truth is that many people – from upcoming designers to well know celebrities – are designing and rolling out their own brand of sneakers. So don’t conform to the brands you know, instead opt for the styles, colours and designs that you like. Rethinking the way you buy sneakers will be an important accessory trend in 2019.

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The man bag

The ultimate way to combine style with functionality – every man needs a man bag. This year the emphasis is on tailoring so make sure you opt for a bag elegant enough to go with your two-piece suit while also being versatile enough to use at the weekend. Think something crafted of plush leather designed for longevity as well as style. Satchels will work well here too.

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