Snowstorms that are Record Breaking

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With so much focus on global warming, it’s interesting to note that temperatures still plummet dramatically in winter and that across the globe there are countries that are held in an icy grip for weeks on end.

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Over the last few decades there have been some phenomenal snowstorms that have whited out whole towns and cities, set records and left a wake of devastation in their path. American and England are two places that have been hit by some of the biggest snowstorms in history and these events are hopefully not to be repeated any time soon.  If your running an event in this kind of weather then you will probably need to think about getting Event Medical Cover from sties like

Icy America
Americans are no strangers to cold conditions and regular snowfalls are a common occurrence across the country. In 2014 a polar vortex gripped the county and saw temperatures plummet, school being cancelled, flights delayed and arctic animals at zoos brought inside for their own protection.  Life in America ground to a complete standstill for many until the cold spell had passed over, and the winter of 2014 is one that will be talked about for years to come.

When it comes to snowstorms however, it’s the New York City Blizzard of 2006 that really stands out. Although this storm was actually pretty mild it was incredibly memorable as it hit New York with full force. Temperatures plummeted and a record amount of snow was recorded at the weather station in Central Park. This blizzard holds the record for the greatest snowfall in NY and broke the previous record set in 1974.

Freezing UK

Those who reside in the UK are used to cold and wet weather and with winter in 2014 recorded as the coldest in over a century  it seems sub-zero temperatures may have to become an expected part of life. Many Britons are accustomed to grey skies and wet conditions as this is part and parcel of the British climate, but when snow falls in the UK it can obliterate everything, covering the city and the countryside in a fluffy, icy blanket. With the winter of 2014 closing down major parts of the city and trapping many in their homes, it was clear that sub-zero temperatures are far more than an inconvenience, they also halt production and decrease productivity, costing the country and its workers millions. It took several weeks for the snow to melt and many Britons will remember 2014 as having had a bitter, harsh winter for years to come.

It seems that the English winter of 1962 was easily comparable to 2014 as this year Britain also suffered a horrendous snow storm that seemed to last for days. Known as the ‘Big Freeze of 1963’ this season remains one of the coldest on record in the UK with only 2 winters prior having plummeted to temperatures that were as chilly. At the height of the storm an unrelenting 36 hour blizzard was recorded and it took weeks for the city to recover.

Snowstorms are not unique to American and Great Britain but these two events have left a lasting impression and those who lived through these wintry tales are sure to have seen enough snow to last them a lifetime.

If all that talk of snow and cold weather has made you feel like you want to go home, put the kettle on and snuggle in you wouldn’t be blamed.  Overall our two nations are lucky with the technology and home comforts we have come to expect.

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