Soft Drinks Sugar Content is Being Reduced year on year

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Amid concerns about the problems caused by sugar in soft drinks, several large manufacturers have now committed to reducing it. This is in addition to other manufacturers such as Coca Cola that have committed to cutting calories. This is good news for people who are selling soft drinks.

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The attitude to the soft drinks market has been altering in recent years. Firstly, there was a move away from sodas and towards fruit juices. More recently, fruit juices, smoothies and even fruit itself have been criticised due to their sugar content. Manufacturers of soft drinks are now taking this on board, which is bringing on a further shift in public perception.

Cutting Sugar

As the BBC have recently pointed out, Tesco have committed to cutting the amount of sugar in their soft drinks. They have said that every year for the next four years, they will reduce the added sugar content in their drinks by five per cent. This means that within four years there will be two teaspoons less sugar per can. This is great news for your teeth, as we all know that sugar stays on your teeth for hours and can actually rot them.  It can also start to push your teeth in the wrong directions which may leed to booking an appointment with a Braces Cardiff company through websites including The public body Health England have urged other soft drink manufacturers to do the same thing as Tesco. Another body, though, the British Soft Drinks Association, assures us that soft drinks companies have been cutting both the calories and the sugar in soft drinks in recent years. They maintain that in the past three years the calories and sugar in soft drinks have reduced by seven per cent and eight per cent respectively.

Cutting Calories

According to the Financial Times, Public Health England are at the forefront of encouraging companies to cut calories from their drinks as well. They have said that they are going to be announcing plans to assist with the fight against obesity. But the soft drinks industry intends to pre-empt these plans using its own voluntary measures to cut calories.

Draught Drinks

The drinks are made from a concentrate. This allows the carbon footprint of drinks to be cut in comparison with drinks that are not from concentrate. The transport of the drinks is done with most of the liquid removed. The drinks are then re-hydrated by mixing with soda as the syrup goes through the pump.

All in Moderation

When you look at soft drinks, fruit, sweets and snacks, it is obvious that the majority of them contain both sugar and calories. But when you have them as an occasional treat, that really isn’t the end of the world. If you consume anything to the extreme, it can cause problems. This applies just as much to savoury foods as it does to sweet foods and drinks. Take salt, for example. Even a healthy pot of olives can put you above your daily recommended amount. But the occasional draft soft drink and a bowl of olives when you are out really being an issue.  Talking of moderation, another way to stay healthy is to keep a balanced diet and if required supplement that with a selection of daily vitamins and minerals.

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