The forgotten Royal wedding

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There were two prestigious royal weddings in the 1980’s but only one of them is remembered with any real sense of history and importance. This is a bit of a shame because the wedding of Prince Andrew to Sarah Ferguson was a lot more light hearted and fun than the rather serious matching of Charles and Diana. Neither of the relationships were to end well but it was felt that the playboy Prince who had seen action in the Falklands conflict and the posh girl with the dubious Dad were pretty much a well-made match. In fact the two had known each other as children and it was Princess Diana who help fuel the flame of romance. Whilst clearly not as naturally beautiful and glamourous as Diana the new HRH Princess, Duchess of York, Countess and Inverness and Baroness and Killyleagh Sarah was a bit more of the people or at least the upper classes.

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You could tell that this girl was a bit different from the usual Royal robots when she physically started as the Royal Buglers blasted out a tune when she arrived at Westminster Abbey. As it was viewed by apparently 500 million people .  It is also believed that a few nights before she and Diana, who had become a close friend, went on a “Hen Do” dressed as WPC’s though it has never been confirmed. The 100,000 public that thronged the streets and gathered at Buckingham Palace sang “The Grand old Duke of York” in a bawdy way and the whole thing felt a lot looser than the previous one. This was possibly because there wasn’t so much at stake as any issue would not be in line to the throne in any significant way.

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The jokes just kept on coming. As they made their way to Heathrow in an open top carriage a paper Mache satellite dish with the words phone home and been stuck on the back. This was Andrew’s brother and best man Edwards wheeze. Whether Prince Phillip or the Queen approved is another matter although the Queen does like a laugh apparently. In the coach was a massive Teddy bear provided by Viscount Linley and when they got on board the Royal Jet had “Just Married” stuck on the back door. The unconventional Royal couple had finished with a flourish.

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