The steady increase in alternative fuels

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Across the globe the news has been focusing, over the last few years, about the need for alternative fuels. Whether to heat or homes or power our vehicles there has been an undeniable need for new and more sustainable fuel sources. This will inevitably lead to the need for Tank decommissioning in fuel stations, like that provided by as well as the installation of new fuel delivery systems.

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This move over to new fuel sources has been in part driven by the concern that we are running the world dry of its natural resources as well as more and more individuals becoming more conscious of the impact that we are having on the planet and seeking alternatives to create a more sustainable future. Many councils within the UK as well as countries across the world are making commitments to be plastic free, carbon neutral and lots of other pledges over the next few years as governments realise the role they have to play in securing the future of the planet.

In terms of the vehicles that we drive there are a number of alternatives that have made their way onto the scene and these include:

  • Electric vehicles – these have increased dramatically in popularity over recent years and more and more car manufacturers are producing larger volumes of these vehicles. As the government seek to cut the impact that is had on the environment these cars will continue to increase in numbers until they are the norm on our roads. Pure electric vehicles run solely using a battery to power them. The technology for this is advancing incredibly quickly.
  • Gas – electric hybrids – these vehicles still use gas as well as electricity and they have been around for a number of years already. Whilst the technology for pure electric vehicles as well as the number and frequency of charging points are established many people are opting for these hybrids to ensure they can carry on with their travel requirements as necessary.

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  • Flexible fuel vehicles – these are vehicles than run on gas and ethanol. This ethanol can be produced from a number of different sources including corn and other wheat based items. This fuel source is sustainable and their is a lot of research currently underway to determine how best these designs can be utilised in the mainstream car market.

In just a relatively few short years we will begin to see a decline in the number of traditionally fuelled cars on the market and an increase in those using alternative fuel sources.

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