Ultimate PPE products to shield you from the elements

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Personal protective equipment (PPE) is provided for workers or visitors to a worksite to offer them protection against any health and safety risks that may be present. This can include items such as helmets, gloves, hi-vis equipment and safety boots.

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According to the HSE, PPE is important to protect workers against hazards that cannot be controlled within the workplace. These can be hazards due to the nature of the work, the environment in which the work is completed, or a mixture of the two.

PPE should only be used as a last resort when a risk is still present after any and all controls have been put in place to make the workplace safe; for example, a building site will always require people to wear head protection, no matter what risk controls have been implemented.

Let’s take a look at some of the ultimate in PPE to protect people from the elements:

Safety boots

Vital for working in most heavy industries, safety boots provide protection around the foot and ankle. The capping in the toes protects the feet against falling objects, whilst the heel guard will keep the ankle protected when going over rough ground. Non-slip tread can help people to stay upright in even the most treacherous conditions, making these boots a must for many.

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Anti-fog eyewear

Ideal for protecting the eyes when debris may be flying around a job site, anti-fog eyewear has the added bonus of not becoming obscured when working in hot or humid conditions. Much like the safety features on buggy whips that enable them to be removed from a vehicle quickly, anti-fog eyewear often comes with a removable coating that can be discarded if vision becomes obscured. More information on buggy whips is available from specialists such as https://wisuk.co.uk/buggy-whip.

Insulated overalls

A type of PPE that can often be overlooked is clothing designed to keep the wearer protected against the elements when working under inhospitable conditions. Insulated overalls are designed to keep the cold and wet out whilst being as tough as any non-insulated overalls.

Hi-vis coats

No list of PPE would be complete without mentioning the trusty hi-visibility coat. Designed to keep the wearer seen from a distance whilst keeping them warm and dry, hi-vis jackets are the backbone of the PPE industry.

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