What happens at the start of water treatment?

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Have you ever wondered what happens to the water that is flushed after you use the toilet? Or what kind of process water has gone through before running from your tap? Here is the first stage of a sewage works in Britain:

Wastewater is recycled from millions of homes before returning to the rivers and the sea.

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Wastewater is that which is used in the home, in factories, in business and from the rain that falls on the roof and streets right across the UK. All water travels the same route. It is directed to run into waterways into the sewer that runs unseen beneath the road. The ditch carrying water, now known as waste, goes all the way to nearby sewage works or water treatment facilities. Water treatment must work efficiently every day, which means only the highest quality components will do. For more information on Brass Ball Valve parts, visit a site like Orseal, suppliers of Brass Ball Valves


Many items can end up in the sewer that should not exist. Things like wipes, plastic bags and even dentures etc. All this debris must be removed in the first stage of the water treatment, along with things like gravel washed into the gutter of the street.

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Primary settlement

The next stage also involves removing the dirt and this is done by pumping water into a large, deep tank known as a sedimentation tank. Each heavy or large solid waste particle will sink to the bottom of the tank, forming a sludge-like substance. Now the water has been separated from debris, the cleaning can commence.

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