What Should Be Included In A Full Car Detail?

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Car detailing tips dictate that you need to incorporate specific components into the job so that the car looks immaculate. A full detail is something you can do yourself or hire an auto detailing service midlothian to do the work for you. 

But before you make the choice as to who will be doing the job, you need to know what detailing a car actually means. It’s more than just washing the vehicle, although that is certainly a central component of the task. Detailing is about, well, getting into the details of the automobile and making sure each and every one is considered and accounted for in full. 

A full car detail includes paying attention to the exterior and interior of the vehicle, so that both look as close to the condition as the day the car was driven off the lot. Whether that was last week, last year, or the last decade, a good full car detail can give your automobile a refreshed new appearance. 

Interior Detailing

This incorporates all of the cleaning that takes place inside the vehicle and includes all of the following services: 


Your detailing expert should vacuum everything. We’re talking about the floorboards, the mats, the seats, the backseat, the floors and mats in the backseat, the rear cargo area and load floor, the trunk, any area that has carpeting or fabric, even if that fabric is leather covering the seats of the car. 


This is focused primarily on the carpeting of the floorboards and the mats on top. These are helpful in eliminating stains and deep ground-in dirt and grime that can get driven into the fibers. A steam clean of your vehicle’s carpets is done in much the same manner and for the same purposes as when you have it done to your carpet at home. 


Simple, a glass cleaner and a clean cloth is used on the inside of all the vehicle’s windows and sunroof if there is one in the car. 

Leather Cleaning

If your vehicle interior is leather, a saddle and leather soap are both used to clean every aspect of the car where leather can be found. 


The dashboard, center console, armrests, everything that isn’t the aforementioned components of the interior of the car is cleaned and wiped down thoroughly. 

Air Freshener

Some car owners will skip this part, while others insist upon it. The interior of the vehicle is given a shot of perfume that is available in a variety of pleasant scents, from sandalwood to pine to bubble gum if that’s what you prefer. 

Exterior Detailing

The exterior of the vehicle is given as much tender care as the interior. 


A detail service won’t run your car through a car wash, instead the exterior is hand-washed with special cleansers and attention to detail given to the rims, the glass, the chrome parts of the exterior, anything that can glint and shine, should once the service is complete. All of it done by hand. 

Clay Bar

This process removes any little impurities and imperfections that were missed by the initial wash and dry. 


Care is taken to restore the polish of the exterior paint of the vehicle. This shine can start to fade and dull over time and a good detailing expert will know how to restore it in full. 


Finally, a sealant or a wax is laid down with full coverage over the body of the vehicle to lock in the luster of the exterior after all of the previous steps have been applied. 

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