What Type of Windows Can Enhance Your Home’s Resale Value?

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Every homeowner is eager to find the most effective and long-lasting solutions for enhancing the value of their home. Among the most popular options proven to have that type of impact is the installation of replacement windows. However, not all replacement windows are the same, meaning that some have a greater value than others and it’s up to you to determine which is best. You can’t go wrong with the wide range of windows from Renewal by Andersen and we’re going to help you make heads and tails of your best possible options.

Do Windows Really Enhance Value?

Short answer, yes. Installing replacement windows is an investment in the future of your home. Whether you plan to stay in that home for the next decade or you are thinking of selling in at some point soon, putting in the right set of replacement windows can make a significant difference.

But why? For starters, this is an investment that you won’t soon need to make again. Modern replacement windows are designed to last and the features they bring to the table are designed to help you save money in other areas as well. The newest models bring greater energy efficiency so you can keep those utility costs down and prevent your costly climate-controlled interior air from slipping out to the rest of the neighborhood.

The newest windows have other features that can be just as appealing to homeowners and prospective buyers alike. For the latter, a replacement window installation can yield an average return on investment of up to 75%. In some cases, it could be even more depending on the particular materials and features that are provided by the windows you have chosen to have installed.

The Windows You Want

There are so many different windows and styles on the market. That can make it very tough to choose which ones are best for enhancing the resale value of your home. In our experience, we have discovered that certain windows bring a higher return on investment than others and when the time comes to make that all-important selection, here are the windows you may want to target first:

Energy Efficient Features

Remember, not all windows are built the same. The newest models may offer increased energy efficiency but take a closer look at the many features that are included in an effort to achieve that efficiency. You might look for windows that come with multiple panes, laminated plastic layers, special coatings, low emissivity, and inert gases. All of these work towards adding insulating components to reduce and prevent heat loss.

Wood Windows

Wood is a versatile and lasting material that does require some maintenance in order to preserve the look and appearance of the window. But it’s also one of the most customizable choices on the market in that you can have them painted in any color you wish so as to match or complement the exterior of your house.

Vinyl Windows

With a similar flexibility in terms of color and appearance, vinyl needs little to no routine maintenance and it’s a material that you can rely on for decades.


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