Yakutia in Russia. The diamond production centre

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Already rich in natural resource like natural gas, coal and oil Russia has also risen to be the world largest mining producer of Diamonds. In the past Africa and Australia had held sway but the development of the 3 large mines in the central Yakutia region of the country changes that. They don’t have the biggest diamond producing mine, that’s in Botswana but they do have over half of the world’s diamond mines so it’s only a matter of time before they catch up. These diamonds as well as other precious stones are mined from deep within the earth and carried to the surface where they will be taken for use in the industrial and jewellery industries. In the manufacturing plants they may be transported within the building using Pneumatic conveying like that provided by companies like www.aptech.uk.com/pneumatic-conveying-systems/ When you see Diamond Rings or other diamond pieces you may well be buying something that was discovered in one of these massive mines. Let’s have a look at the mines and the region.

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Yakutia or Sakha as we would call it, is located in the middle of Russia. It has a population of just under 1 million people made up of people who can trace their ancestors back to the Yakuts people who settled there and the other Russians that have moved there. To give you an idea of the scale geographically of the region it is about the same size as Argentina! If you go there in the winter then wrap up warm as the temperature can drop to minus thirty five degrees (although the record is much lower than that!). Alternatively, if you go there in the summer pack a lot of suntan lotion as the opposite end of the scale can also occur.  Let’s have a look at the three big mines that they have.

The Yubileyny mine is the biggest mine in the world and it’s said to have one hundred and two million carats of diamonds that can easily recovered from its kimberlite pipe. A further fifty-one million carats are expected to be found below the surface of the pipe. All diamonds mines need a kimberlite pipe and Yakutia has several of them. The kimberlite pipe is a dormant volcanic fault that at one point would have spurted out lava. This geological shock creates the required heat and pressure to form lots of diamonds.

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The second largest mine in the world is Udachny diamond mine. This one is thought to have over one hundred and fifty-two million carats in it. A carat by the way is how a diamond is measured in weight, so you can see that they’ve got quite lot. This is especially true when you consider that the one on your finger weighs about one carat. The pipe for this one is one of the largest deposits in the country, so they will be mining there for a few years yet.

The final large mine is called Mir. It’s the third largest mine in the world and it only has a paltry one hundred and forty-one million carats in it.

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