7 most attractive tourist spots in Bahrain

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The island of Bahrain is an irresistible choice for spending your vacation because it is covered by an abundance of modern amenities, numerous amusements and natural resources. The innumerable cultural monuments, temples, mosques and other sites are impressive sights to witness here. In Bahrain you can come across a huge variety of attractive shopping centers and elegant restaurants. While you are in this island, you have to make a difficult choice of which place to visit first because they are countless. The guide below features the top 7 most desirable travel destinations in Bahrain.

1. The Tree of Life

Situated in the middle of the desert in the east of central Bahrain, the Tree of Life is a green oasis. It is almost 400 year old mesquite tree and its size is also remarkable with the green branches and leaves dominating the flat horizon with a height of more than 30 feet above the ground. This tree is one of the foremost landmarks in Bahrain. Be sure to take your camera when you visit the Tree of Life and the best time to take stunning photos is at sunset. Obviously, the tree’s shadow also offers a unique and an isolated atmosphere for a captivating romance or relaxation.

2. Bahrain World Trade Center, Manama

Manama, the capital of Bahrain, offers many interesting sites to visit and the most spectacular of them is the Bahrain World Trade Center. The gigantic twin structures rise to a height of 787 feet above the ground overlooking the tranquil blue water of the bay. The two skyscrapers are connected to each other by three sky-ridges. In addition to these, three wind turbines are situated on the sky-bridges which symbolize the modern ecological vision. The night scene here is inspiring and outstanding.

3. Pearl Monument, Manama

The Pearl Monument is a fantastic accent to the city’s skyline and is a well-distinctive sight in Manama. The monument has six sails, which represent the states in the Gulf. The sails rise in the sky and hold a massive pearl, which is a symbol of the island’s main income after the oil industry.

4. Bahrain International Circuit

This enormous motorsport complex is situated only a few miles from the western shoreline of Bahrain and hosts many motorsport venues, the most reputed being the Bahrain Grand Prix. The impressive tracks are splendid sights to witness, while another famous symbol of the circuit is a traditional dhow boat, which will definitely allure you to take many photos.

5. Al Fateh Grand Mosque, Manama

This fabulous mosque is located in the east of Manama and is a brilliant example of Islamic architectural style. This mosque holds the biggest fiberglass dome in the world. Ancient calligraphy writings, marble decorations and teak woodworks are among the attractive elements of the mosque.

6. Barbar Temple

The Barbar Temple is located along the northern coast of Bahrain and it is a great archaeological site. Only a few blocks of limestone are among the remnants of this temple, but still it is a fantastic place for the tourists. The temple was built around 2500-3000 BC and its existence for such a long period of time is a good example about the historical heritage of a small territory. 

7. Al Khamis Mosque

Al Khamis Mosque is the oldest mosque in Bahrain and is situated in the west of Manama. Dozens of limestone slabs, columns, arched gates and other ruins cover a vast area, while two minarets stand proudly in both sides of the outer walls. This mosque with its incredible architecture is definitely an appealing historical landmark to visit. 


The island of Bahrain, though small, has many attractive things to offer to everyone including both local and foreign tourists. Those tourists who come into this island from foreign countries must have Bahrain Visa for getting their entry into Bahrain.

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