Adding plants to your office design

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Humans have an innate psychological need to connect with nature. Studies have long shown that when you place animals and people in unfamiliar surroundings, they show signs of stress. Both people and animals need surroundings that are enriched and as natural as possible. When you design your office space, be sure to consider these vital factors. Here are some tips for adding plants to the workspace to maximize their benefits.

  1. Give employees voting rights

Whether the company decides on desks, furniture or greenery layout, giving workers the opportunity to provide input will give them a sense of pride in their space. Employers can give employees their choice of several plant species, as well as where to place them in the office. The worst thing you can do is consult with staff and then still have management make a final decision, being part of the decision-making process in an organization can increase employee self-esteem. Consider this when at the planning stage with an Office Fit out Company like

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  1. Make sure plants are arranged naturally

Often, workplaces are too rigid with their placement of plants and greenery, placing one plant on each filing cabinet, for example. Too many companies apply a rigid and uniform approach to incorporating natural elements into the office. The problem with this is that nature is random, so greenery should be random, placed at different heights and combining different textures.

  1. Remember your tastes and preferences

Some people like large, thick-leafed plants here and there, while others prefer smaller, finer plants that are more abundant. Demographics play an important role. Usually, there are higher numbers of older males in senior positions and younger women in more junior positions, which makes it tough to ascertain whether the observed differences are based along gender lines or company position. That’s why it makes good sense to organise a survey to determine what individuals prefer.

This really depends on your personal choices, and what you feel comfortable surrounded with. That is why it is sensible not to assume what staff want, but to ask questions and do your best to install plants based on their preferences and the optimal environmental conditions, such as lighting and temperature levels in your office.

Then there are what elements are in style. At this time, big succulents are on trend. The trends of 2020 might include the next big thing being big leafy tropical plants that were very trendy in the 1970s and 80s.

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  1. Realize that people might be attached

Plants are living things, and in some organizations, if plants are on their last legs and need to be taken and replaced with new ones, employees may be a bit possessive. Employees do get quite attached to their office environment, so it is important, once again, to discuss with workers about any proposed changes in the design of their offices in any form.

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