What Is Sustainable Marketing?

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In business, marketing is one of the fundamental drivers of success. Market well and you will gain sales, consumer loyalty and a credible reputation for your brand. Fail to market well and you run the risk of turning customers off.

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But modern marketing goes beyond simply ‘good’ and ‘bad’. These days your marketing strategies have to be sustainable too. An article in Eleanor Snare classes sustainable marketing as ‘a work in progress’. In short, it is an ongoing process – not a faddy campaign or a snappy buzzword but a shift in the way that companies operate on a daily basis. It’s the process of bringing their claims and values to life by adopting their working practices in a way that is ethical.

But what exactly can companies do to market sustainably, and why is it so important that they do?

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Treat Your Staff Well

The world is changing. Boundaries and gender gaps are being broken down, and diversity, equality and respect should be paramount in your company at all times. Having a good HR team to drive home these messages will give your brand the ethical values that they need to treat staff fairly. Nobody wants to work for a brand (or buy from a brand) that treats people badly.

Be Environmentally Friendly

We are constantly told about the damage that the human race is doing to the environment through our increased carbon footprints. From climate change to deforestation and plastic in the oceans, a good brand will do their bit to help improve these things. Carbon offsetting is one way that companies are trying to help reduce their carbon footprint, and education from the top downwards about how staff can do their bit is also important. Use renewable energy for digital signage from https://moodmedia.co.uk/sight-solutions/digital-signage/, arrange litter picks or plastic collections – just show that you care. Because ultimately people care about the world we live in, and consumers will want to support a company that is helping the environment.

Benefit the Community

A good company won’t just care about its profits but about what it can give back to the local community and economy. By giving back to the local community (either by charity, initiatives or donations) you demonstrate that you care. And it’s this sort of mentality that generates loyalty from the local and global communities.


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