Why rugby might be a better sport than football

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For diehard fans, switching from football to rugby, or vice versa, may be something they will never do. However, for those who love watching team sport, rugby appears to be winning the popularity vote and here are the reasons why.

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While there is always going to be a handful of people who drink too much and occasionally spoil the event for others, in general, society has moved on from the football hooligan era, so banning drinking at football games, or even restricting alcohol is seen by many as a step too far.


Recent years have seen extreme weather becoming more and more common, with football matches up and down the country being postponed, or called off completely. This is far less likely to happen in rugby and would only really happen if the pitch was flooded.

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Respect for the Officials

Rugby players respect the referee, even if they disagree with a decision. However, in football, players are regularly seen losing their cool with the referee and by doing so, encourage their fans to shout abuse and create unpleasant scenes.


Sport is competitive by nature and so the number of draws seen in football results can be frustrating, unless the equaliser is scored in the final kick of the game making it feel like a victory. While it is, of course, possible to tie in a rugby match, it is far less likely.

England rugby fans have high expectations for the forthcoming world cup which kicks off in September https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/aug/29/maro-itoje-england-rugby-world-cup

Fitness and skills

Rugby drills for players wanting to improve their game can access rugby drills for all levels.

No segregation

In football, fans are separated and sit along with their fellow supporters. This is to stop fans fighting in the stand. In rugby, fans sit alongside each other, happy to support their individual teams, without causing trouble.


Some rugby fans argue that the variety of the game makes it more exciting to watch than football. Teams can win with a variety of tries, penalties, conversions and drop goals, whereas in football it is primarily a matter of getting the ball in the net.

Whatever sport you prefer, we are a sport-loving nation and the Rugby World Cup is sure to see the nation get behind the team and see rugby grow in popularity.


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