Ensure customer satisfaction with technology

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Cultivating a genuine connection between the brand and the consumer is more important than ever, given increased market competition. Brands need to look further than their reliance on technology to adequately respond to the customer journey.  One of the technological techniques that can be taken is using a Belfast SEO company to write user friendly content for your on page website.  This is a good idea because they are experts in their field and can be found easily with companies including ryco marketing.

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The importance of customer satisfaction

The customer is pivotal to business success. Raising brand image, loyalty and satisfaction is therefore of utmost importance, and 72% of companies consider improvements to customer experience to be their main priority.

Best results can be achieved with a blend of customer experience processes, and technological innovation. However, a focus on communications and technology at the expense of the customer can result in impersonal, inconsistent service, leaving customers feeling undervalued and unsupported when faced with a lack of human interaction.

Weighing the benefits of technology

In terms of technology, voice searching, chatbots and artificial intelligence are dominant. Companies are evolving their customer service through innovative technology, adapting in a race with other businesses to provide anywhere, any time services. The likes of VoIP, from an international VoIP wholesale, smart watches, and smart cars and home technology continue to expand and increase the viable channels of communication.

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UPS has more recently added their chatbot technology to Google Assistant, showing a continued drive towards automation and voice activation.

Customer experience is often in the purview of the marketing department, though budgets increasingly favour technology and automation. While customers may be accepting of using a chatbot, the majority still face frustration at chatbots failing to solve their queries and appreciate the option of human interaction should it be required.

Moving forward

Businesses need to ensure a balance between technological solutions and traditional, human efforts that provide personalised service. The benefit of new technology should be assessed prior to application, and seen as a tool to aid the connection between brand and customer. Automated services may be a good first port of call, but a skilled and personable human operator needs to be ready to assist in the next part of the customer journey. Service teams can be further empowered by assessing speech analytics from conversations and evaluating customer experience as part of their training.

The rate of communications to call centres has continued to increase, suggesting that rather than replacing the need for humans, technology is actually making their role even more valued.

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