Furniture can cost a lot!

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We all want a comfortable chair but how much would you be willing to pay for the ultimate chair? Here we take a look at some of the world’s most expensive seats:

The Oculus chair has a curved back like an eye and is priced at a cool $5,350. The adjustable back and neck support can be moved to sit in a variety of comfortable positions. Available in leather or fabric with brushed stainless steel legs.  With costs like this if our really want one then you might want to get a Cheltenham accountants service found at links including to help you as if you buy these and your self employed then you might be able to claim this cost back.

Over 50 years ago the Coconut chair was developed and has sloping shallow sides and curves so you can sit in any position and move easily. At $5,439 you may need to save up if you like the sound of this nutty chair.

A designer called Harry Bertoia designed a collection of wire chairs in 1952 and the Bertoia Asymmetric chaise is one of the collection that costs $6,628. It is made from welded steel; rods with a polished chrome finish and stainless steel. Thankfully it also comes with a vinyl seat pad.

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The Egg chair was designed in 1958 for the lobby of the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. The seat is padded with cold-cured foam and is designed to cradle you as if you were in an egg. It sounds extremely comfy and a range of Egg chairs is available in different colours and materials for the sum of $7,891.

One of the most prominent architects of recent years is a man called Frank Gehry and he collaborated with furniture makers to create the Gehry Power Play Club chair. The chair demonstrates the strength of bendable maple strips. Structurally strong but still allows for great movement and flexibility and is priced at $9,330.

Upping the price significantly, the Banquete Chair could be yours for $85,000. That is one special chair indeed! Designed in 2006, only 25 were made so getting hold of one may prove tricky. Each chair represents a different animal and for example the panda chair is made from stuffed panda toys hand sewn on canvas. Now these are seriously cute chairs.

And now for the most expensive chair in the world – The Dragon’s Chair. At $27.8 million, this 1971 creation was designed by Eileen Gray. It was expected to reach a couple of million but incredibly sold for the above sum to Yves Saint Laurent. The chair is upholstered in brown leather and is decorated with two dragons with black lacquer eyes.

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