How to add light to your home

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Depending on where your property is located you might not get much light come through or there are reasons why your not using the design of your home to it’s full potential.

We have come up with a few things you can do to brighten up your day!

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The choice of lighting you have can make a huge difference to any room, especially the main living area.  You could even have the right lights but not have chosen the right light bulb.  The lamp shade is also a huge reason why light can not get through so make sure you choose one that is appropriate to the room size.

Curtains and foils often get left half closed and can block twenty percent of light coming in so make sure you open these up properly.  Also when it comes to choosing your foils or blinds that its the right choice for your home.  Changing your curtains to match the seasons is quite a good idea because as it gets colder a thicker curtain will make a better heat conductor.

Large furniture can block light from coming through so make sure you position things wisely in your home to get the most effective space. Also you could look at getting a skylight in your kitchen area which will let lots of natural light in and they are easy to maintain.

Mirrors can be used to cleverly bounce light into areas that previously did not have any and it creates an illusion of a grander space. To achieve this all you have to do is put a mirror on each wall exactly opposite each other at eye level. This trick has been used for thousands of years even as far back as the Egyptians

Choosing the right windows for your home is very important as large windows let plenty of light through and Gloucester Double Glazing will provide you with think glass that won’t let any noise through either.  You can find out what options are available from sites like

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If you are careful you can light candles in prominent areas and surprisingly it can create quite a bright feel, even creating warmth and a nice smell.  It is always wise to have some candles spare in case of a power cut but we always find it a wise idea to put mats underneath.

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