How to be constant in life? 4 decisive and magical questions

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How many times have you attended a course or seminar on leadership, personal or motivational growth, have you applied what you learned for a few days and then forgot everything?

The same goes for reading a great book or maybe some post from this blog or others. You have immediately come up with great plans to implement everything you were learning.

Unfortunately, a few months later nothing really changed. The truth is that you have not been able to be constant and to put into practice what you have learned.

What you thought would be an event that could change your life, was nothing more than a temporary escape from your daily routine. Quiet, it happens not only to you, but to many others. To me too it has happened many times not to be constant!

The Law of Constance: motivation moves you, constancy keeps you growing.

The hallmark of excellence, the proof of greatness, is being constant. No matter how talented you are. No matter how many opportunities you receive. If you want to grow, being constant is fundamental. If you want to become more disciplined and consistent in your personal performance to achieve your OKR, you must become more disciplined and consistent in your personal growth.

Let’s find out some useful questions that will help you do that.

The 4 useful questions to improve to be constant

Here are four useful questions for your growth.

Do I know what I need to improve?

Your future depends on your personal growth. Improve yourself daily and guarantee a future full of possibilities. When you expand, expand your horizons, your options, your opportunities, your potential.

The more you are attuned to your purpose, the more you are dedicated to it, the better your chances are of reaching your potential, expanding your possibilities and doing something meaningful.

I know how I should improve?

Match your motivation to your personality – Not everyone is motivated in the same way or motivated by the same things.

Start with the simple things – The problem that many have when they approach personal development for the first time is to want too much.

When you want too much too soon, it is almost guaranteed that you will not achieve the desired results. This demotivates you.

The secret to building the momentum of motivation is to start with small simple things. Even if you manage other people, never ask them to try to achieve goals they cannot accept. A small and repeated discipline with daily constancy, leads to great successes slowly gained over time.

Be patient – All things are difficult before becoming simple. Most people never understand how close they are to achieving important things, because they give up too soon. All that is worthwhile in life requires dedication and time.

The people who grow and get the most are those who take advantage of the power of patience and persistence.

Enhance the process – One of the best things you can do as a student is to cultivate the ability to value and enjoy the growth process. It will take a long time, so you could also enjoy the route. Enhance the small steps you take today, because they will lead you to the great steps you will take tomorrow.

I know why I want to improve?

Knowing what to improve and how to improve is fundamental to having perseverance in personal growth, but even more important is knowing why.

The reason is what will keep you motivated for a long time after the first energies and enthusiasm will fall, managing to carry you forward when willpower is not enough.

Have a fort because it will help you continue when the learning discipline becomes difficult, discouraging or boring. If your growth is linked to your values, dreams and true goals, you will know why you are doing it. And you will have more chances to continue.

If you have the motivation you need, finding discipline is not a problem, but if you lack motivation, being disciplined becomes a problem.

When you make the right choices, no matter how small they are, and you do them consistently over time, this can make a big difference in your life. If you remember why you are making those choices, everything becomes easier.

I know when should I improve?

You have to start today if you haven’t done it yet. Moreover it is necessary that this today be repeated every day. Your life will never change, until you change something you do daily, so that you will constantly develop new and great habits.

The disciplined constancy is the bridge between the objectives and the achievements, and that bridge, made of difficulties, errors and successes, must be crossed every day. As time passes, the daily passage of the bridge becomes a habit.

Unfortunately, people do not decide their future: they decide their habits and their habits decide their future. A bad habit never goes away by itself. It is always your intention to cancel. What are you willing to change today to change what you do tomorrow?

Being constant is not an easy thing

Consistency in things is not easy. It is contrary to nature and life, although to be successful you must learn to become constant. The great composer starts working because he is inspired, but becomes inspired because he is working.

Not anyone who does what he has to do only when he is in the right mood or when it is convenient, will be successful.

If you develop the habits of success, you will make success a habit.

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