How to protect your property from vandalism

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Vandalism to personal property can be very distressing, but by following a number of simple steps, you can easily protect your home. Vandalism is damage or defacement of property and is treated by the police as criminal damage.

Good street lighting will deter would-be vandals and thieves. Criminals don’t like to be seen, so if your property is unlucky enough to be situated in a dark part of the street, you could fall victim to vandals. If you do live in a well-lit area and your lighting becomes faulty, do contact the local authority and it will be put right.

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Remove rubbish from the driveway

Remove any rubbish or broken appliances from the driveway as this could attract the attention of young vandals who could easily light fires out of boredom. It’s a good idea to remove this temptation, and even store wheelie bins and recycling boxes out of sight. Make sure all sheds and garages are locked so that valuables can’t be damaged. Place bicycles, expensive gardening equipment and tools out of reach, again to avoid temptation. Most importantly, lock any ladders in sheds and garages, as these could tempt would-be burglars.

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Create a boundary wall or fence to show what’s yours. Any unauthorised presence would then be trespassing. Low fences and walls can be an advantage and some homeowners even plant hedges or small bushes. Avoid rockeries as the stones can be tempting to vandals. Stay vigilant and be a good neighbour by reporting anything suspicious to the police. They in turn will watch for suspicious activity around your property.

Cases of criminal damage are reported to police every day

Another aspect around the home which is worthy of protection are the pipes, and a range of pipe protectors are available from suppliers such as

According to Property Reporter figures from Direct Line for Business show that police forces across England and Wales investigate 283 reports of criminal damage to properties every day – equating to one every five minutes.

Some solutions to prevent vandalism can include installing a home security system. There is a range of CCTV equipment on the market and the presence of security cameras makes your property less appealing to vandals. They certainly don’t want to be caught on camera as it provides sound evidence for courts to convict them.

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