How To Remove Pet Stains Off Of Furniture And Bedding

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Letting your pet relax on the furniture or sleep with you in your bed can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you get to spend some quality time with your furry friend, on the other, your furry friend can make a mess by mistake. Whether it’s going to the bathroom or coughing up a hairball, pets don’t mean to mess up your lovely furniture but things happen from time to time. 

When something does occur, you want to know the best methods for preventing or removing pet stains and odors. This quick reference guide can be very helpful the next time you need to clean up after your pet. Heed these helpful hints and your furniture and bedding will look and smell like nothing ever happened in the first place. 

Work Fast

The quickest method for pet urine removal and hairball elimination is to act immediately after a mess has been made. The quicker you lift the liquid or substance from the upholstery or bedding, the less likely a stain or long-term mess will be left behind. So grab a paper towel or a clean cloth and get to work as soon as possible. 

Unfortunately, our pets can’t tell us when they’ve been sick or had an accident on the couch, so you may not have the luxury of fast clean-up. But remember, time is of the essence. 

Blotting the Affected Area

Whether you reached the mess as it happened or a few minutes after the fact, as long as the mess is still wet, you can try and absorb as much of the excess as possible. That’s where blotting at a spill or accident comes in handy. 

You want to press your cloth or paper towel against the spill and draw the liquid away from the upholstery or fabric. The more you seep up, the less chances of a stain or an odor setting in. Absorption is the main goal here but you also want to avoid driving the mess deeper into the upholstery or bedding. This is why you should never wipe up a mess from your surfaces. If that odor gets ground into the sofa or mattress, you can be sure your pet will return to the same spot and do his or her business there again. 

Stain Removal

Let’s say you got to the spill an hour, even two or three hours, after it happened. That mess has soaked into the furniture pretty good by now. At this point the goal is to eliminate the stain that has likely set in. For most bedding, you just remove it all from the mattress and throw it into the wash. 

But that’s not so easy to do with your couch or recliner. In these cases, you want to get a commercial or even homemade stain remover and try to lift the stain out. Some white vinegar and cold water is a good combination for getting out the most stubborn offenders. 

Baking soda and essential oils are a good homemade remedy for removing the strong odors that can also get into your furniture as a result of your pet going potty on the cushions by mistake.

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