How to Shop for a New Wardrobe Without Destroying Your Budget

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The first step to updating your wardrobe should be a budget. It can be hard to buy only what you can afford unless there is some number crunching. Next comes staying within that budget. There are many ways to not destroy your budget, and that includes shopping where clothing is inexpensive, such as thrift shops and yard sales. Even if people are giving things away, give it a try because people often hand off stuff they have barely worn.

Buy for Quality

Buying a $100 t-shirt when it’s easy to find a $10 one may not seem appealing, but think about longevity. If the shirt is made well, it won’t have to be replaced as soon. The more well-made clothing in your wardrobe, the less you’ll have to spend later. You can tell the quality of most clothes by looking at the seams, and materials such as wool. Quality sweaters and dress shirts, for example, can last for years without buying new ones every few months.

Shop Smart at Clothing Sales

Sales are great for saving, but many people buy more than they need and end up spending more. Try buying only what you need, based on the items in your wardrobe that must be replaced. If you wait for a particular item to go on sale, and compare a sale price to a similar item in a consignment shop, for example, a better deal can be found.

Buy What Fits Your Current Size

One strategy is to buy clothing that will fit when a weight loss goal is reached. That’s impractical because you can’t guarantee it will be wearable, and then you’ll be stuck with clothing you can’t wear. As far as cost-efficiency, this is not up to par. Pick out what you can wear now, or save your money to shop later.

Reverse the Seasons

Logic would dictate that buying a coat in the winter, and a bathing suit in the summer, makes sense. In reality, summer wear is heavily discounted in the fall. So are winter items in the spring. The spring and fall are often the best times to shop for clothing. You can, therefore, save if the timing is right and you swap your seasons when shopping for cheaper clothes for your wardrobe.

Then again, you don’t always have to spend money at all. If there are multiple siblings in your family, hand down the quality clothes from an older child to a younger one. This works great for toddlers, school children, and even a well-made I became a teacher for the money and fame shirt. Just make sure everyone takes care of their clothing so it lasts for a few years.

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