One use items are hard to store

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We all know we keep things that are treasured memories to us that we more often than not don’t want to keep on display.  These items are normally from a birthday, your childs first teddy, first school uniform, toys that are antique or old clothes you just can’t seem to get rid of.  You will also have one use items you only get out once a year, for instance christmas decorations like trees, tinsel, snowmen, stockings and that train set that everyone loves.  You may even have a store of halloween decorations, easter crafts and those summer outdoor games that go away after four weeks of use. The question is where do you put all of these items when you are finished with them?

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You could start by getting yourself several storage boxes and packing them up with labels on each box clearly marking what is where.  A lot of people do this and they find it useful to have them all in one place.  You will still need to find somewhere for these boxes to go but at least its not dotted all around the house moving from one shelf to the next.

Another idea is to purchase shelving for your spare rooms and a bookshelf to fit into the alcoves.  This will benefit as your items will be stored safely and off the ground so any little ones that might be running around will stay away from any dangerous objects. The one problem with this is your objects are still on show and you obviously don’t want christmas, Halloween and Easter items on show all year round.

Out of the way – You could put all these items in your shed or garage as then its out of sight and out of mind. As you need the decorations or memorabilia you can just pop out and grab them.  The only negative with them being outside is potential burglars could possibly see them or steal them and not all sheds or garages are damp proof so you might find they get a little moist or mouldy.  A solution for this is to keep them up high on garage shelving located from sites such as garage shelving.

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Use your attic – This is a perfect space that is often unused which is a real shame as its normally warm, a big space and easily accessible.  You haven’t got to worry about the weather or what time of day it is.  You can section out which part of the attic is going to be which season.  If your attic is not useable then perhaps you could get some attic boards, some heaters and throw some old carpet down..

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