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A great online marketing strategy will help you to capture consumers during their most impressionable moments – the times when they want to take action and make a purchase. When consumers actively seek out information about products and services, they are often not window shopping, but genuinely planning a purchase.

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The less friction you offer to them achieving their goals, the more likely they will be to buy from you. That’s why it’s so important to have a great website – because a well-run website is what will ensure that you get those passing visitors to return, and eventually become customers.

Fulfilling the Moment

Google teaches that there are four moments that people have when they are using their mobile devices. Those moments are when they want to know, go, buy or do something. As a brand, it is your job to provide an answer to the need that exists in that moment.

What Do Consumers Want?

To achieve that goal, you need to provide the information that the consumer wants, in the most easy-to-access way. That could mean having a presence on Google Maps so that users can find your bricks and mortar store easily, or it could mean offering informative blogs and articles, or an easy to use online store.

Your website will be your first point of contact for most of your customers, so it needs to be easy to find in organic search, and accessible to both desktop and mobile users. It also helps if you have a good social media presence, since many people start with social media as their entry point to the web each day, and are more likely to visit links seen that way than go searching for content themselves.

Once you have secured that initial visitor, it is up to you to reach out to them again and again through email marketing or blog subscriptions. Even if you have a very well-designed website, you are unlikely to get more than three percent of your visitors to buy from you the first time around. However, 65% of mailing list users are likely to make a purchase following a well-run email marketing campaign, so it pays to get back in touch with those users.

It is important that your bricks and mortar, website and email branding are consistent. Using a Branding Agency such as that offers is a good starting point for this. By outsourcing to a company that offers logo design, web design and online marketing it is easier to ensure that the brand message is consistent across all areas.

Your website should be thought of as an additional, and very high footfall, store front. It is where you will get the most passing trade, and it is where the future of your business will be shaped. Put as much thought into it as you do the shop window in your real world store.

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