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Most dog owners would say that they consider their canine companions to be an integral part of the family. They share our sofas and sometimes our beds as they are our friends, trusted confidantes and some people even treat their furry friends like their children.

Dogs can bring us so much joy. They bring health benefits, companionship and even encourage us to be more sociable. So, isn’t it only right that we offer them something in return aside from shelter and food? Perhaps we should get into the habit of regularly treating our pooches to show them just how much we appreciate their presence in our lives.

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More than 90% of pet owners believe that their pet is a part of the family, just like any other member. This is a high number but it doesn’t come as a huge surprise. Animals and humans can form incredibly strong bonds and although our pets don’t share our language, most people feel that their pets truly communicate with them. This is why so many pet owners regularly go above and beyond in our care and affection for animals which only makes those bonds stronger.

Scientists have now discovered that those feelings of love are mutual. The hormone that spikes in human brains when they interact with their dog, oxytocin, is also seen spiking at the same time in a dog’s brain when it looks at its owner.

Oxytocin plays a big role in setting off feelings of unconditional love and protection, especially seen between parents and their offspring when they look at each other or hug. So, yes your pooch does love you back!

The same experiment that determined these results was also used on wolves that had been raised by humans, but the same spike was not observed. Scientists conclude that in dogs, the oxytocin reaction developed during the domestication process which started approximately 35,000 years ago.

So, what are some of the ways in which we can demonstrate our gratitude to our pets? Mark a special occasion with a treat in the form of a new toy or take them to the grooming parlour for some fuss and a glam new style! Treat them to a posh new designer lead or collar. For Designer Dog Collars, visit a site like

Perhaps it can be as simple as choosing to spend some time with them, an extra-long walk in the woods or extended playtime.

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The more time and affection invested in pets, the more we will receive in return. They can be one of the most faithful and loyal friends you’ll ever have, so it isn’t unusual for them to be treated just like a parent, child or sibling in the family home.



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