Reloaded Short hair and 70s wedding hair

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With tumbling loose curls and carefree plaits, it is no wonder that so many brides are inspired to channel 70s hair icons such as Farrah Fawcett and Debbie Harry; however, what if you have shorter hair? Ladies with contemporary crops and shoulder-skimming locks need not be left out of the trend.

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Braided up-do

Up-dos are one of the most popular wedding hair styles, as they highlight the neck and collar bones. With longer hair, adding a braid to an up-do is a fresh and feminine way to wear your hair, especially if your dress has a relaxed and ethereal style. For short-haired girls, the same effect can be created with a single loose braid or even a fresh flower pinned to gather your hair on one side. Highlight your features and create a truly effortless, bohemian look.


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Natural movement

Whether long or short, there is perhaps no better way to highlight your natural beauty than to leave your hair fresh and loose with some natural movement. For longer hair, this might be a blow dry or some natural-looking waves added to the ends of the hair with a curling wand. Add a 50p-sized amount of hair oil to the palms of the hands and run through the ends of the hair to hold the shape without the harshness of hair spray. For shorter hair, simply twist pieces with the fingers as you blow-dry, running your fingers roughly through the hair to ensure natural volume and movement. Fresh, soft hair with natural makeup is a stunning, youthful combination.

Half-up, half-down

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, was the envy of many brides when she revealed an ultra-flattering half-up, half-down style on her wedding day, with popular demand meaning that her hairstylist had to reveal his secrets online.

Kate’s style, which highlighted her effortless, natural glamour and good taste, is easily created at home. Simply gather the hair from the crown to above the ears, shape, and pin back with a jewelled hairpiece.

If your hair is shorter in length, simply gathering some pieces around the face and pinning them back will create a similar, effortless effect and draw attention to your beautiful eyes.

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