The best flooring options for your nightclub

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When choosing flooring for your nightclub, there are many different considerations once you have established the way you want it to look, the cost,  and the durability of the flooring, you must think wisely about the final factor.  Not Many companies sell flooring directly to places like a Nightclub Cheltenham way but not all of them offer delivery as part of the final price and package.  If the company you buy your flooring off doesn’t offer delivery then that shouldn’t end your dream of having a new floor for your bathroom.  If you find yourself in this predicament then there are solutions.

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Water on some flooring types will ruin it, so what are the best flooring options for your Club when you have hundreds of customers dancers and drinking? Here are some of the different choices, listed from the best to the worst.

Ceramic or porcelain tile

This is ultimately the best flooring option for the nightclub bathrooms, as it is waterproof, cost effective and stylish. It can also imitate stone, achieving a solid, rich and textured feeling underfoot. The vast array of different tiles makes this a great option for your bathroom. You can even choose tiles with a wood effect. Different sizes and shapes of tile allow you to design your own unique pattern. These porcelain tiles withstand huge amounts of water – perfect for a family bathroom – and they clean up nicely. The downside of ceramic tiles is that they can be cold and slippery; however, choosing textured tiles for the floor will help to reduce the risk of slipping.

Vinyl flooring

This practical option looks good and comes in plank, tile and sheet form. This is the most popular choice for bathrooms due to its ease of laying and choice of styles. Sheet vinyl is best for bathrooms, dance floors or bar areas that routinely have a lot of water on the floor, such as children’s bathrooms, as there are no gaps from poorly-laid seams; however, plank flooring is easier to lay.

Solid hardwood

This is a  possible flooring solution for the dancefloor, it is not necessarily the best choice for the bathroom as  It feels warm underfoot and looks good, but moisture will destroy solid wood flooring so don’t let the customers take drinks on the dance floor.

There are several other flooring choices, ranging from stone to laminate and carpet. While any flooring can look good and has its benefits for your party place, you should consider the amount of water you expect to end up on the floor before deciding on the best flooring for your bar

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