The Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo Introduced

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With an adventurous name and exceptional features, the Marco Polo from Mercedes-Benz is a modern camper that can compete with the best of the rest of the market. Here is the lowdown on why it might be the right camper for you.

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Based on the respected V-Class people carrier, the Marco Polo has enough room on board for a driver and three passengers. It provides all the usual refinements you would expect from a high-end German vehicle, with great build quality and reliability matched with modern infotainment and safety capabilities.

The camper adaptations are carried out by Westfalia, a company which has a long history of turning vans into flexible mobile-living solutions. The only downside is that with an electric camper from VW in the pipeline, this model may look a little long in the tooth in the near future.

Must do yourself

You must still register this vehicle with DVLA, get insurance, road tax and head to a Gloucester MOT company to book in your test. When you get a  Gloucester MOTs from 123 car and commercial they will provide you with a certificate to prove you are covered.

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Sleeping and Living

As with most vehicles of this type, there is space for a bed to be set up in the rear for overnight stops, providing plenty of room for couples to sleep in peace. The roof can be extended while the Marco Polo is stationary, creating a second sleeping compartment that might be the preferred sleeping place of kids.

Cooking facilities come in the form of a pair of gas-fed hobs, while a small fridge compartment will keep consumables cool in even the hottest months of the year. A sink with a tap gives you access to water for drinking or washing up, while the included camping table and side-mounted awning can keep the elements at bay if the weather takes a turn.

Luxury Extras

This would not be a true Mercedes-Benz without a few nods to its premium brand heritage. Top-tier materials, including wood, can be found throughout the cab, while the integrated sat nav makes it easy to get from A to B without relying on a smartphone or separate GPS system.

Powerful yet efficient turbo-diesel engines are available for this range. And while it is not the most compact camper around, it is fairly simple to drive

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