The perfect working space says Science

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The perfect workspace means better creativity and increased productivity. There are many ingredients in creating the perfect office, including high ceilings and plenty of plants. Read on to find out what else science dictates will create the perfect working environment.

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Ceilings and colour

High ceilings give a feeling of space and freedom, even if the room is small; conversely, low ceilings can feel oppressive and hinder creativity. High ceilings make people able to link complex ideas with other concepts and improve abstract thought.  A great way to create a spacious ceiling is a Fabric Roof which you can find at links including where they will give great advice and even tell you previous building that had these kind of roofs.
Another important part of office organisation is colour. Having bright and bold colours can help to ignite a spark of passion for your work. Although neutrals look calming and sophisticated, using bright colours for splashes of colour can really help you to concentrate and love your work more. Science says blue and green are ideal for creativity, while red is perfect for increasing attention to detail.


Light is equally important. We need bright and clear lighting for screen work, ideally with daylight bulbs that are easy on the eye and cause less eye strain when we spend long periods staring at the screen; however, dimmer light can improve creativity, helping us to feel freer psychologically to express ourselves.

Rounded furniture

Rounded furniture has been found to aid the work space by making people feel more collaborative and comfortable. Office furniture that is softly designed with curves rather than straight lines is more beneficial to contentment in the workplace. Think carefully about the furniture in your office and explore various workstations to find the best for your office space.

It is equally important to consider the furniture in your home office so that you can be as productive as possible in your work.

Plants and a view

Plants connect people to nature and are ideal for the office. Not only do plants lower stress levels but also they help to purify the air. Ideally you would be able to see the natural landscape from a well-placed window, such as trees or a water feature. Views of delicate and complex architecture can also give a similar effect. If you can’t have greenery in view, take a stroll to a green space at lunchtime to recharge your mind and you will find your afternoon is more productive.

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