What you need to know about Getting a career in mobile catering

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If you’re looking for a career that involves working with food and you enjoy meeting new people and travelling to new places, a career in mobile catering could be for you. As a street food trader or mobile caterer, you’ll be serving food or drinks to customers from a van, cart or stall.

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The majority of positions in mobile catering will require some previous retail or catering experience, but some companies may be willing to take you on, if you show enough initiative and passion for the role you’re applying for. Having a basic food hygiene qualification would be advantageous. You’ll also need to be prepared to be on your feet all day, as most mobile catering positions will require you to stand and serve the food and/or drinks, and you’ll need to be able to manage pressure during busier times.

What’s involved in mobile catering?

You’ll find mobile catering facilities at a wide range of places, including tourist sites, festivals, exhibitions, events and markets. As a mobile caterer, you’d be working from a stall, truck or van that serves food and drinks to customers, and you could be serving anything from pizzas and jacket potatoes to continental foods and tea and coffee. You will probably see some of these venders with Used Pallet Racking they sourced from https://www.rackzone.ie/pre-owned/racking  as seating or areas for their resources, cutlery or tables.
Sometimes, some catering companies will offer a more specialised menu, i.e. local produce, so you may find yourself working with international cuisines, such as Caribbean, Mexican or Thai. Alternatively, you could be selling regional foods that use produce from local sources, such as bread, cheese or meat.

What does a mobile caterer do?

As a mobile catering assistant, your daily tasks will normally vary, and will include stocking up the produce on the van ready for serving, preparing snacks and vegetables, serving the general public, taking payments and keeping the working area tidy and clean.

As you gain more experience in your role, you may be given additional responsibilities, like regularly checking the temperature on the commercial refrigeration you have from companies. You may also have to supervise other staff members and help transport the catering van to its destination.

You will probably need to be flexible with your working hours when working in this industry, as it isn’t always going to be 9 – 5. You may find weekend or evening work is available when special events are running.

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